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Wild Wedding

by Moth Rah

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Wild Wedding 04:26
Twelve dancing princesses couldn't take you away from me now, And you can keep your rings and pretty things as prizes to give children. When I want to be bound with you, I will do it my own way - With a hoop of wild cherry wood, And two threads of hair tied in a knot - And a long slow kiss so sweet, you will forget me not. Sweet lover, sleeping in the clover, You are quite safe here with me. The quarrels of wild youth are all gone away. We might embrace a thousand years And our passions never fade. The things that worry your head Are like birds in a tree. Let them whistle their tune and be rooted in me. Carve your plans in the rock; Drown your fears in the sea; Cast off what you cannot keep, and be wedded with me. It is a small thing to give for a great joy Or else you will ever be lost, On stormy seas ever be tossed, Or else you will never be free. Come bind your love with me, Come bind your joy with me, Come bind your life with me. Be rooted far and deep.
To the Lake 02:29
I would like to go with you to sit by the lake, Under the haunted blue light of the moon. And there we would see in the darkness our love, In all the depth and the black, the light and the blue: Our love without end, all around. I would not put you to counting the ways, The various ways that you love me. For love was not meant to be counted Like years on the rings of a fallen tree, Like the years gone by. Love is more likely seen in the gaping, scape of the sky. I would like to go with you to the world's edge Where nothing is outspread below, And then down into the dark heaven With hand holding hand we would go.
Bindweed 03:38
Make the bindweed into a crown. You are not short of blessing. Pull it through and wind it round. You are not short of blessing. Tell us a story that's yet untold. Let the strain and heartache unfold. Let us listen with wonder and fear. Hold your words close and take comfort there. Let us rest, let us rest awhile. Let us rest, let us rest awhile. Thread the daisies into a chain, that I may draw back my true love again. Wrap the wild roses around the arch and there to you will I secrets impart. Never told anyone this before. Never told anyone this, this. Never told anyone this before. Whisper it into the deep, deep well. There we shall draw water. Drink until the air is full With the sound of laughter. Tell us a story that's yet untold; Pull the threads together. Turn these salt tears into gold; Can you hear the laughter?
Let out the ghost from his haunt. There is a sighing that chills me quite to the bone. The branches of this tree groan with the weight of his memories. Oh the Elder Tree, Break its branches and cleave its heart in two. Oh the Elder Tree, There is spirit that wishes to break free. It happened long, long ago Before our dreams were old. Trudging through deep winter snow, a man who was almost a child. He'd fathered a babe born cold With a girl who lived by the lake. She had been forced out from her home But he had not known til too late. His heavy love died where she lay. Her breath was turned to ice. So with a heart so cold it burned, he vowed her father would pay the price. Through and though, with the axe kept outside for fire wood. Blood ran thick and steam rose up from the corpse. With blood that froze to his hands He ran down to the lake. But the ice there was so thick Though he tried it would not break. Into the thicket he ran, more pained with every breath. With the belt tied at his waist In the arms of this tree he'd find rest. He swung high on that tree that never bore fruit again. The sap is poison to touch and the wind it rattles her name. The wind it rattles her name.
A child or a princess, a girl in a blue dress, with bluebells and lilacs laced into her petticoat, Oh! take me by the ribbon in your hair, And lead me the way of the dreamer. I seek you inhaling the blood of the poppy. I look for your name in the smoke of the drowsy leaves. Oh, take me by the ribbon in your hair And lead me the way of the dreamer. There, I can see you at the gate of your garden! A foolish, enchanting truth in your eyes. Turn from me, you know I will follow, Til you tell me with laughter, The reason I wander, forever through mazes That vanish into dark. Oh take me and let me dissolve in the sound of forever and ever. I trust you and follow but where do you lead me? Through sunlight and haze and nightingale song. You lead me with singing until I have lost you and never can follow but fall to the ground As sleep gently pulls me away.


These songs are dedicated to the memory of Michel Parry.


released June 1, 2015

'Come bind your love with me. Come bind your joy with me. Be rooted far and deep.'

All songs written and recorded by Moth Rah © ℗ 2015.

Performed by Cassandra Solon Parry, Harry Dean, Lawrence Solon, Ian Williams, Jonathan Chan and Nicky Francis.

Mixed and mastered by Cassandra Solon Parry.

Cover art by Michaela Meadow.


all rights reserved



Moth Rah UK

Casting songs and singing spells in London town.

Moth Rah is the music project of Cassandra Solon Parry.

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